For Veny’s birthday this year, all she asked for was a Kobe Bryant cake.

I made her a vanilla cake with pineapple, mango mousse and toasted coconut.
Happy birthday, Veny!  I hope you liked your cake.  Sorry about that whole allergy to coconut thing….

At some point during the cake making process, my mom got really excited and self-appointed herself creative director (the fondant basketball was all her idea).  She was curious about who “Bryant” was and a ridiculous conversation ensued:

Me:  He’s a pretty famous basketball player.
The Moms:   Oh, so it’s his birthday?
Me:  No, it’s Veny’s birthday.
The Moms:  So Veny is really good at basketball?
Me:  ….no….well yes, she does play…but not in the NBA…the cake is a jersey of her favourite basketball player.
The Moms:  Ah, so Veny is going to give the cake to him?
Me:  What?!  He lives in LA.
The Moms:  ….so he’s not going to see the cake?  Are you going to send him a picture?

It took a while, but I think I was able to eventually explain to my mom that no, I am not close friends with Kobe Bryant and that she must be getting him confused with all of my other professional NBA friends.  I get it though – there’s so many of them, it’s hard to keep track sometimes.


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  1. Hahaha! I totally heart the conversation with your mom! and the cake looks superb, and professional. 🙂
    (No, I’m not some creepy stalker, I’m a friend of Lyn’s :))

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