Water Vipers Dragon Boat Cake

Water Vipers Dragon Boat Cake

Last week, I had my biggest cake order so far.  I was asked to make a dragon boat themed cake for my dragon boat team’s fundraiser/kickoff party (our first race is this coming Saturday!)/team captain’s birthday party.  The fundraiser was held on a yacht that sailed around the Toronto harbour, so it was a night filled with a breathtaking view of the Toronto skyline, many uncorked bottles of wine, and wildly entertaining people.

I can’t quite recall who suggested that I do a blog post to illustrate the process of making a fondant cake, but I thought it was an excellent idea, so this post is for you, whoever you are!  For this cake, the process started about a week before the day the cake was actually needed.

Here we go!

Step 1:
Decide what kind of over-the-top cake you want to make and sketch it out.

Step 2:
Procure the necessary ingredients.  Believe it or not, this was not enough…

Step 3:
Procure the necessary obscure supplies, e.g. edible luster dust, from craft stores like Michael’s.
Optional:  Get friend to accompany you.
Extremely optional:  Have your van start to break down on the 404.
Extremely, extremely optional:  Decide to try to make it to the parking lot of Michael’s anyway because maaaybe you can.
Totally not recommended:  Make it safely to the parking lot of Michael’s and decide that you’re too far back in the parking spot, move forward an inch, and then have what sounds like your engine falling out of your van, causing supportive friend to scream and duck in terror.
Not recommended for supportive friend:  Pick up metal balls that are under the front of the van after asking “What are these?” only to exclaim “I have motor oil on my hands!”
Recommended for the safety of everyone on the road:  Have van towed and fixed immediately.

(Why yes, my van was in the movie Inception.)

Step 4:
Make yourself a large cup of tea.  You’re gonna need it.

Step 5:
Bake off lots and lots of chocolate cake.

Need more cake.

Still need more.

Okay, that’s probably good.

Step 6:
Melt marshmallows and combine with processed Rice Krispies cereal to make rice krispie treats, which you will be able to mold into any shape you want.

Step 7:
Realize that while a dragon shaped head is what you want, molding sticky marshmallows and cereal together is not as easy as the Internets makes it seem.

Step 8:
Send your sisters out to get you a frap from Starbucks because you deserve it.  Have them get into a fight at H&M and forget to go to Starbucks, thus returning home emptyhanded.

Sorry, I have no image for this.
For the record, this is what I wanted.

Step 9:
Finish shaping the dragon head and cover in fondant.  Ask your dad excitedly what he thinks of your progress.  Have him open the fridge to look at the dragon head, burst out laughing, and ask why it looks like a dolphin.

Step 10:
Spend a ridiculous amount of time kneading fondant to tint it yellow and red.  Add it to the dragon/dolphin head.  Ask your sister excitedly what she thinks of your progress (because your dad is no help).  Have her look over from her laptop, burst out laughing, and ask why it looks like a duck.

Step 11:
Move out of childhood home because family is being unsupportive.

Step 12:
Realize that due to time constraints, you’re going to need their help.  Move back in.  Enlist them to make more rice krispie treats.

Step 13:
Apply gum paste decorations to dragon/dolphin/duck head in the hopes that it’ll start to start to resemble an actual dragon soon.

Step 14:
Take the chocolate cakes you baked what seems like ages ago and trim them into the shape of the boat.  This is where it’s helpful to have frozen sheets of cake cause they trim much easier than cakes that have just been baked.

Step 15:
Have both your parents stand over you arguing about the right angle and technique as you trim the rice krispie treats to form the sides of the boat.  Overnight, everybody’s become an expert on the art of crafting Rice Krispie treats.

Step 16:
Frost cakes.  Look at clock and realize that time is running out.  This is the perfect chance to take a break and eat lunch.

Step 17:
Cover the cake in two layers of fondant, one to smooth it out and the other to cover up any patchy spots.

Step 18:
Forget to take picture of final product because you should have started getting ready for the boat cruise half an hour ago.

Step 19:
Arrive downtown with plenty of time to spare and put cake away in the walk-in freezer of the yacht.  Breathe sigh of relief.  Board yacht with friends, take lots of pictures, and be entertained by the telling of a friend’s proposal story.

Step 20:
After dinner, add last minute touches to cake and somehow safely transport the thirty pound cake up steep stairs on a moving boat, i.e. find willing volunteers, who appear to have superb balance and coordination.

Step 21:
Sing happy birthday along with hundreds of other people on the boat to the birthday boy.  Learn the hard way that people will retaliate when blue frosting is smeared on them……even if it is their birthday, and especially if if it’s not their birthday.

Step 22:
Nothing left to do at this point except serve up the cake!

Oh, and enjoy the view, be thankful for such a fun opportunity, grateful for supportive family, and appreciative of fabulous friends.


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