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Tiger Cake

Tiger Cake

When one of my coworkers, Chantal, told me her son was turning one, I excitedly offered to make his birthday cake.  We decided to make him a tiger cake since according to the Chinese zodiac, he was born in the year of the tiger.   Inside is an applesauce cake (recipe here) frosted with cream cheese icing.

When Chantal came to pick up the cake, she brought William with her all bundled up in his snowsuit.  He’s not a big fan of his snowsuit so whenever he’s dressed up in it, he does this thing where his entire body goes rigid like a board.  He may only be 1, but already he’s got such a mischievous personality.  I’m not sure sure what William thought of the cake, but he did proceed to drool all over the place when he saw it.  There might be some other factors in play there though.


The cake that started it all…

The cake that started it all…

Last year, I made a massive salmon nigiri cake for my sister’s birthday.  It was my very first fondant cake completely inspired by this baker in Vancouver.  It took days of planning, weeks of mental preparation, and hours to execute.



It was definitely all worth it to see the look on her face when I lugged out this cake.

If it’s not already obvious, my big sis (whom we affectionately refer to as Jeige) LOVES sushi.  When her birthday rolled around this year, I had to make something even more over-the-top.  I went with a good ol’ sushi boat filled with your traditional sushi fixings.  You got your Tamago, your Ebi, some normal-sized salmon nigiri.  I even included the surf clam, but let’s be honest here, no one eats that chewy thing.

Here’s some cucumber maki..

And some maguro a.k.a. tuna nigiri and roe…

Surf clam (hokkigai) for kicks.

And of course, some ginger and wasabi to go along with all that raw fish.

Happy birthday, Jeige!

Oodles of love,
Your little sister (who proved her oodles of love by rolling out hundreds of fondant rice grains)

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds Cake

When I first saw Angry Birds cakes popping up around the Internet months ago, I immediately thought of my friend Ruby, who is a fan of the game.

Ruby’s the kind of friend who’ll bring you toothpicks when you’ve run out and are frantically trying to finish a cake, who’ll come by your house at 11 pm with dresses because you have nothing to wear to a party, who’ll buy a new spork for you because yours broke, who’ll watch romcoms no one else wants to see with you, and who’ll for some strange reason not lend you her Sixteen Candles DVD.

It only made sense that for her birthday this year, I would make her a cake to show my appreciation for all the things she does (and doesn’t) do.

My favourite piece in this cake has got to be the TNT box.  That, or the Egg bird who looks devastatingly sad and overwhelmed.

I drew my inspiration for this cake from two pictures I found on Flickr, as well as the game itself.

The cake, which is what the pigs are sitting on, is my go-to chocolate cake recipe soaked with caramel and filled with caramel buttercream.  The caramel recipes are ones that I got from the Baked cookbook.

Happy birthday, Rubes!